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All About Net Suite

A Complete Sync Solution for Your Google and NetSuite


Everyone knows Google... fine? Good! NetSuite is a global leader in the sale of business software. It is a go-to company in terms of selling digital solutions to companies. One thing is however not very simple- synchronizing your calendar with Google and NetSuite. The calendar is everything, because it guides the software to the time when it should undertake different operations. Below is a guide to help you sync calendars between Google and NetSuite!


Regain the license


The license expires when you take too long to load. The Token app, which connects NetSuite to Google, can expire and thus need to be refreshed. Of you want to do this, then you have to grant the permission with the set up wizard available in NetSuite.


To resolve this, you need to follow the following steps.

The first step involves logging in to the NetSuite account at and following the simple set up process. Then, you will get a pop up which needs you to authorize the access to information. So, don't be mean- just allow the access. Don't worry if the pop up does not show up, try clicking in the link that avails.


After you have done this, review both licenses to ensure that the authorized users can have access. Then, follow the clicks and prompts and then finish up with the process.


Eventually, you should be able to see if the calendar works. This is simple, because you already have given the software permission and re-granted the license.


Benefits of syncing Google and NetSuite


There are several benefits of syncing the Google account with NetSuite using the procedure above. First, it takes place in real time. After creating the calendar even on NetSuite, you sync it automatically and only takes less than ten seconds to show.


Then, if you are syncing from the Google Calendar to the NetSuite service, it may not be in real life. However, it takes place through batches, slowly but simply perfect. After creating your calendar, it takes about half an hour to be available in the NetSuite account.


If you want to test the functionality of this procedure, just try syncing directly from the calendar to NetSuite. This method is perfect, and there are many confirmations to this. First, there are hundreds of reviews that approve that the procedure above is totally functional. No doubt, this is the best, simplest complete sync solution for your Google and CELIGO that everyone will love!